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Who is in the ‘fun’ accounting business

This article aims to clarify the difference between The Fun Accountant and The Funny Accountant. Both are Accountants on the internet.

The Funny Accountant

The Funny Accountant (according to the funny accountant website)  is Mitch Kujavsky who has been an accountant, based in Montreal, since 2001.  Mitch spent the next 8 years fine-tuning his personal and corporate tax skills and diversifying his knowledge into the related fields of bookkeeping and business consulting.  This all eventually paved the way for Mitch to start his own business and in 2009, MK & Associates was born. Mitch does not elaborate when, where and how he became the Funny Accountant. I presume it stems from the unique humor angle of a normally serious subject of accounting and tax. In Mitch’s own words “Accountant, business consultant, Hubby, Daddy and blogger. Self-proclaimed funny guy. Making accounting and taxes more fun, one refund at a time!”

It appears that his speciality is to obtain tax refunds from his expert knowledge about tax law and in so having fun while doing it. Blog headlines such as “Wanna save tax money then get divorced” is pointing to the fact that certain tax savings can be obtained in Canada by “splitting income” and the blog “tax time: the most wonderful time of the year” in his own words”. While that may sound sarcastic coming from an accountant (and don’t get me wrong, it’s 92% sarcastic), it also means I get a few minutes to catch up with tax clients who I only get to see once per year.”

The Fun Accountant

The Fun Accountant was founded in 2017 by Louis Munro.  Louis is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Willem is a qualified Professional Accountant.

Louis founded the successful accounting practice “Munro Accountancy Inc.” in 2003. Munro Accountancy Inc. provides traditional accounting services such as Accounting, Taxation and Consulting.

The Fun Accountant is a ‘cloud solutions’ provider in South Africa. The Fun Accountant’s mission is to be the leading online accounting advisers. By doing this value will be added to Entrepreneurs that can now apply the benefits of the digital economy and cloud-based solutions for their businesses. The Fun Accountant has partnered with the following brands “Sage Accounting and Payroll” and “Humble Till” point of sale (POS) solution. The envisioned trend over the next years for entrepreneurs will be integration of their business activities with their accounting software. This is where online solutions have a pivotal role to play where integration takes place in the Cloud and thereby streamlines business operations that fit in more with the current trends and people’s lives. The Fun Accountant has positioned itself to assist Entrepreneurs to unlock those benefits to their advantage through introducing, training and educating people on these solutions.

The Fun Accountant realised that the paradigm and principles of the traditional economy are going to change and that Entrepreneurs will lead and play a pivotal role to add value, enhance experiences, invent and create in society for all people to live satisfied, free lives. In short, having more fun.