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Thank you for visiting The Fun Accountant. The Fun Accountant website is an extension of myself, Louis Munro who happens to be an accountant for over 17 years. I live and breath business and entrepreneurship. I transgressed from a traditional accounting firm to The Fun Accountant so that I could do what I think and feel best reflect who I am. Because of this you will not necessarily find on this website what you expect from an accountant. In my career I have been labelled as “different” than other accountants. Being “different” did not make me bad at my job. I think it actually made me a damn good accountant as I connected with my clients with a passion for their businesses. I started The Fun Accountant, to improve ways to do business and to help entrepreneurs succeed. 

Below follows more information about my career and history if you still are interested and have some time to continue reading. I have been working on a tight time schedule and selling time for money basically my whole life truly understand the value of time. 

I am the co-founder of The Fun Accountant and I am the person behind the scene. I am saying co-founder because initially we were two. The internet business became my passion and it is very difficult to find like minded people who can overcome the online truth. The “online-truth” is that an online business is not a “become rich quick” solution. To be successful online takes a certain skill and knowledge that can only be attained through luck, or hard work. That is if you can’t buy it. 

I was fortunate to the have the opportunity to study Business Economics at the University of Stellenbosch (US) in South Africa. I really don’t know how I got accepted because my school marks were not particularly good. I know if I now apply to US based on those marks I certainly would not get in. I realised the opportunity bestowed upon me and coming from a simple background I studied and worked extremely hard. For me there was no second chance and I could not afford to  mess it up. Fortunately my hard work paid off and this resulted in excellent marks, a few merit awards and a scholarship to do my Honors degree in Business Economics which I passed Cum Laude.   

After my travels in the UK, I got stuck in a small town and decided that my only way out is to continue my studies. I decided to further my studies in Accountancy as I have seen that Chartered Accountants are really sought after by businesses.  I got accepted by a small firm as an accounting clerk. This firm later became Mazars.

While working as an accounting clerk I studied at The University of South Africa (UNISA) then moved to the University of Natal which had an excellent distance learning curriculum.   

This was also the time that I met my now wife Jenny. With Jenny’s support I completed my training contract, attained my honors degree and passed my SAICA board exam to become a Chartered Accountant (SA) in the year 2003.

We moved to Port Elizabeth where I founded the accounting and auditing firm Munro Accountancy. It is at Munro Accountancy where I decided to go paperless and to find the best online solutions for me and my clients. At Munro Accountancy I implemented cloud servers and Cloud Accounting.  

My interest in owning an online business grew and I thought the combination of Cloud Accounting and an online business to market Cloud Solutions would be a perfect match and this is where The Fun Accountant started.  

I find accounting and tax extremely boring and unsatisfying. I have done it for many years but the Cloud Solutions and Cloud Accounting made my life much more fulfilling and productive. I had one objective when I started this online business and that was to turn my life around and to have much more FUN. The Fun Accountant was founded. I have been told that the name is not right and not professional but I am sticking to what feels true to me. 

In my career as Chartered Accountant I have discovered unique methods and tricks if you can call it that. Let say: ways to automate the accounting aspect of my business and those of my clients. I try to make the Accounting aspect of business as simple and stress-free as possible. If you are not in an accounting practice, accounting is not your business and it should not be your primary focus. But certain accounting solutions can make your life much more fulfilling and productive, helping you to achieve your objectives. The internet has made those solutions that were previously only affordable by Big businesses available to everyone and every business can afford it to have an automated, efficient world class business system at a fraction of the cost with less human involvement required. That is the key, less human effort to do mundane tasks. 

In order to achieve this objective, you must have the right solutions that is suited for you and your business. I want to help you to find the best solutions for you by giving the specifications of products and how it works so that you can make an informed decision that is right for you.  

My homepage provide the products I use and trust. I have written reviews on these products and you can immediately find my current Number One  recommendation Sage Accounting. This review is written from a South African perspective. I am convinced that an international reader will find the same value from this worldwide accounting software provider. 

I have also written a review about Quickbooks which is regarded by many as the top international accounting software for small businesses. This review might appeal more to international readers, since Sage Cloud Accounting has not been able to crack the USA market. 

The primary focus of The Fun Accountant is Cloud Accounting software. I have found that I always end up working with people. It is  either the bookkeeper or owner of the business and we more often than not, exchange business ideas. These ideas naturally cross over to the human psyche and emotions as business is mainly the exchange of goods and services or energy between people. So I am interested and constantly investigate ways  how we as humans can improve our overall quality of life. Our human live experiences span over various spheres. These include our physical well being (health), financial abilities, emotional (mind), love and our spiritual connection. All of these are important aspects to live a happy and fulfilled live.

We can’t ignore any of these dimensions in business anymore. In the quest of  The Fun Accountant to be a source for business people a portion of the website will be dedicated  to the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives so that we as business people can find our mojo and happiness and achieve all all our dreams of prosperity and abundance. I will post content that resonate with me and that I find may benefit the readers. I hope that the information that I present will also resonate with you.   

Thank you for taking the time to read this, “about” page. I wish you success, prosperity and God bless. See you on my blog page for more interesting information. 

Louis Munro.

Louis Munro is a qualified Chartered Accountant, studied Business Economics at the University of Stellenbosch where he completed his Honors degree, Cum Laude. He was awarded the SANLAM Prize for achievement in Business Economics,  the best student in Industrial Psychology and the “Van Schaik Merit award for studies in Business Management.

After traveling abroad for a year, Louis continued his studies in Accountancy at the University of Natal and qualified as a Chartered Accountant and Registered Auditor in 2003. In this period Louis completed his Articles with Mazars.

Louis being a passionate entrepreneur founded Munro Accountancy in Port Elizabeth. 

Louis is passionate about the free-market, entrepreneurs and their businesses. In his business, he developed new methodologies, innovations and applied the latest technologies to achieve optimal efficiency for the business. He offers his 20 years of experiences in auditing, accounting, business management and business consultant to the digital economy.

Louis lives with his wife, 2 children, and grandchildren on a beautiful estate in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. You will find Louis in the ocean, busy surfing, on the beach or in the garden admiring nature when he is not engaged in business and family life. 

Louis Munro

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