Sage Tutorial 2: Set up your company in under 5 minutes

Sage company settings quick set up

It is very easy to set up your company in Sage Cloud Accounting. It can be done in under 5 minutes. The Sage setup process is done in 3 simple steps. There are no limits to your settings even though you are still in the 30-day free trial period of Sage Cloud Accounting. What effect …

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How to sign up for Sage Cloud Accounting

how to sign up for sage accounting

You can sign up for Sage Cloud Accounting without providing your credit card details. This makes the 30-day free trial period of trying Sage Cloud Accounting a stress-free uncomplicated experience. In this Sage tutorial, I am going to guide you on how to Sign up for Sage Accounting. This tutorial is intended for people who …

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Online storage within your cloud accounting software

cloud accounting storage of information

Storing documents online instead of printing and filing it, is a wonderful way of becoming more productive as a “solopreneur” or a mega business. In my previous article, I have considered the best cloud document management software. Many people don’t know that there is online storage within your cloud accounting software available when using Sage …

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We are in the phase of transformation to live extraordinary lives

extraordinary lives with standout pencil

Welcome to The Fun Accountant! Today I am sharing information from Bashar that I viewed on Youtube. The information that I received in the first 6 minutes of the video that we are in the phase of transformation to live extraordinary lives really resonated with me. As an entrepreneur, who faces the challenges of entrepreneurship …

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting Time Tracking

sage time tracking newspaper and watch

Service industries that charge time, always have difficulties finding a good solution for project management and their employees to record time. Sage Business Cloud (SBC) actually has a Time Tracking module that resolves the problem of recording timesheets on a project basis. My favorite aspects of Sage’s Time Tracking module are: It is online and …

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The 7 bookkeeping steps before generating monthly reports

7 bookkeeping steps before monthly reports

What is the shortest route from point A to point B? Most people will say a straight line. What are the shortest route and the bookkeeping steps before generating monthly reports? I will reveal the steps that I take and a checklist that I follow before generating monthly reports. It cannot be emphasized enough that …

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The best cloud document management software

google drive one drive and dropbox

In order to work uninterrupted from anywhere but still collaborate with people was an unattainable reality 10 years ago. Humans evolve and the way humans organize their working lives are changing rapidly. To be competitive and to attract the best human talent, business owners need to consider the best cloud document management software at their …

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Which is the best: Desktop accounting software or Cloud accounting software?

desktop vs cloud its in her hands

For the first time I encountered an argument against cloud accounting software. In the article “The Worst-Kept Secret About Quickbooks Online” by Gene Marks he says that desktop accounting software is better than cloud accounting software. Although the article is fairly old, desktop accounting software is still being used by many businesses. At some stage …

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Quickbooks Online Cloud Accounting Review

quickbooks online

Name: Quickbooks Online (QBO) Website: Price: Simple Start – R229 per month Essentials – R351 per month Plus – R473 per month Owners: Intuit Overall Rank: 4.5/5 Quickbooks Overview Business owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to cloud accounting software. A leading company in the field of cloud accounting software services is …

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How to add bank account details to an invoice

add bank details to an invoice in sage

I have received many requests to show how to add bank account details automatically on an invoice in Sage Cloud Accounting. Sage has beautiful invoice layouts and different options of invoice layouts that you can choose from to enhance and strengthen your brand. In addition to the Sage invoice layout options, it is possible to …

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