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client testimonials

Our clients share how we have assisted them in successfully transforming how they do business.

Michelle Griessel

Bookkeeper, Wife of  Business Owner

I would rate The Fun Accountant 11 out of 10.

I had Sage Accounting software for a while but did not know how to really use it and everybody seemed to busy to help.

Louis gave me the guidance on how to run a live accounting system. He showed me how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Now I grasp it and our accounting system is so easy and effective. I understand how vital the integration of Dext and Sage is.

The Fun Accountant arrived at the time when I needed guidance the most.

Our family small business is going places as my husband said but now he knows exactly where the money is going.

I understand that Louis cannot always  be here to help me, that is why The Fun Accountant’s Youtube channel is so great, packed with information that I need, available 24/7.

Nicolene Lotz

Lecturer (Law Enforsement)

Louis Munro the founder of The Fun Accountant has been the key figure in dealing with our Family Trust, Business and Personal Finances since 2003.

He is professional, loyal and trustworthy.  He has the ability and integrity to deal with any risk situation, while thinking on his feet. I have peace of mind having  Louis assisting our family as  a member of the Family Trust, knowing that he deals with matters directly and swiftly.

Louis Munro is an individual that you hardly ever find in this day and age, totally reliable and honest. He goes out of his way and has assisted me many times with advice, with business decisions. I would without a doubt refer him to anybody who needs business assistance and advice.

Denys Wolmerans

Van Der Stel Buchery | Business Owner

Louis assisted us in solving a problem in our business; it was beneficial for our business that our accountants are on the same page as we are, but we didn’t know how to make this work efficiently.

Louis suggested giving cloud accounting software a try. By giving our accountants access to our new Sage Accounting software we could still do what was necessary on our end but ask for help, in real time, from  our accountants who understand accounting obstacles and how to overcome them.

The Fun Accountant introduced Sage and Dext to us and since implementing the software and business practices from Louis we can only move forward knowing that our business has the right products that provide accurate information while being affordable and transparent. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

Theano Dowlman

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, MUA and Mom

Louis Munro as the founder of The Fun Accountant became involved with my family’s finances in 2003.

From the outset of our working relationship Louis has been knowledgeable and confident in his consultations and recommendations. Before Louis came along our finances were a mess, with his help we tidied things up and he assisted us in implementing new processes that enabled me to take my businesses to the next level.

Through the use of the cloud accounting products introduced to our business and Louis help to roll out our new game plan, I can now confidently manage my administration and finances. I now trust that I am operating my businesses at optimum efficiency thanks to The Fun Accountant. This means the world to me because I can be a powerful female entrepreneur and business owner while enjoying my down time with my family knowing that I can in fact do it all.

Debbie Schumacher

Modiscope Fire Protection | Bookkeeper

Upon The Fun Accountants introduction to our business our admin and finance were a disaster. We were at the mercy of various outdated desktop accounting products and systems not functioning correctly. This resulted in many errors in our business and our finances.

Louis identified that I had the potential and ability to be elevated from my then receptionist position, at my company, to a bookkeeper.

By using the products recommended by The Fun Accountant like Sage Accounting, Sage Payroll and Dext we are enabled and empowered like never before. We now have financial information at hand for the first time since starting our business.

I’m not an accountant but thanks to Loui’s encouragement and training I am able to do our companies accounting with confidence.

Brad Dowlman

XRP – Group | Estate Agent and Entrepreneur

Louis from The Fun Accountant helped me to identify errors and then make the necessary corrections with our estate agent’s trust account.

This was a big deal for our estate agency and it was a relief to work with The Fun Accountant who understood the business from an accounting, auditing and tax point of view while also having state of the art cloud solutions at hand to implement so that we could conquer our admin and keep focused on what we love doing.

Wimpie Kruger

Modiscope Fire Protection | Business Owner

We made the mistake as a business of relying on persons to manage our business admin and finances without having any real involvement or understanding.

Louis Munro from The Fun Accountant changed all of that by enabling me to get quick accurate reports about the state of all areas of my business. Louis empowered me to get involved in my business finances and showed me how easy it could be to understand the finances without being an accountant. In sharing his own business knowledge and history, Louis changed the way I viewed things by asking me the right questions  about business performance, and knowing what reports to view and what they meant in relation to those questions.

I now have an active involvement in managing my business finances thanks to great products like Sage and Dext. 

Hugo Herbst

Decor Landscaping & Pots | Business Owner

When I reached out to Louis my business was lacking. My businesses books were being processed from my bank statements by my accountants but I wanted more control and insight into my businesses performance. 

The Fun Accountant first identified that I needed an integrated invoicing and debtors system. Louis helped me to achieve this by implementing Sage Accounting.

Under his guidance and training I am now able to use the recurring invoice abilities of Sage Accounting, I can now import bank statements into Sage and with little effort send my clients statements on a regular basis.

It was so much easier to accomplish than I had always thought. Louis then showed me how I can integrate Dext with Sage, and create a creditors system, now my creditors and payments are also streamlined. 

I am so thankful to have moved away from excel to a full comprehensive system of accounting solutions, receiving the best training and guidance from a guy that knows what is in my businesses best interest.