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We are in the phase of transformation to live extraordinary lives

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Welcome to The Fun Accountant! Today I am sharing information from Bashar that I viewed on Youtube. The information that I received in the first 6 minutes of the video that we are in the phase of transformation to live extraordinary lives really resonated with me. As an entrepreneur, who faces the challenges of entrepreneurship on a daily basis, I thought the information given by Bashar may help many people who are struggling with their businesses not reaching their full potential as entrepreneurs.

Bashar is channeled by Darryl Anka. Warning! The idea of channeling may not be everybody’s cup of tea, especially Bashar who is quite a character and outspoken Being. If you are familiar with Bashar, you may or may have not received this information before. If you are new to this idea of channeling but are seeking answers about the purpose of your life and aspects that are beyond our physical senses this message may resonate with you. At the end of this article, I would love to hear your thoughts about whether I should continue with this type of information on The Fun Accountant’s website.

Why do I use I and us instead of you?

I use the words: “I” and “we” so that you are not merely a reader, but that you can put yourself in the center of the message as if you are participating, engaging and receiving the message yourself.

I find value by typing the messages received early in the morning like an act of scripting. Then I read my scripting again in a state of meditation. I do this on a daily basis. My “spiritual” hour of listening, reading, meditation and praying, then sets the tone for the rest of my day. My humble advice to you will be to read the article slowly and take in every word. Read it again and then see with each word and sentence, how this resonates with you and how you can apply it in your life.

Why do we do this and what does this have to do with accounting and The Fun Accountant?

It doesn’t have anything to do with accounting. I am an entrepreneur like you, who is continually looking for ways to improve my business. The Fun Accountant website is an extension of myself who happens to be an accountant. Our businesses are also extensions of ourselves and reflect back to us our state of being. Business is energy and if there are blockages blocking the flow of energy, the money that represents this energy will not flow. When we achieve and find our bliss, our businesses will reflect that back to us. I am sharing with the audience of The Fun Accountant ideas and actions that may help those who are seeking for it.

Bashar’s Message:

new me and old me

Time to change the old me

My life has been based on a chosen theme that plays out in my psychological being. The planet has been ingrained with ideas and definitions of:
diminishing value,
the experience of disconnection.
I have not been acting as fully as I could have. I have maybe not allowed myself to be my true authentic self. Now is the time to change that.

What is this transformation all about?

transformation of a butterfly

I know that I am going through a transformation. I know it’s about the idea of letting go of the things that don’t serve me and incorporate the things that are.

It is about getting out there and doing it. Not holding back. Not hesitating to be my authentic self.

It’s about being:

  • Bold,
  • adventurous,
  • courageous,
  • curious,
  • imaginative,
  • excited,
  • interactive,
  • expressive

Not holding back the gifts that I have to give. Not depriving others of those gifts. Others are also searching like I am. The expression of myself may be just what they need. When more of us are really allowing that authentic self to come to the forefront. To stand tall and to stand firm with our consciousness raised to the heavens and allow ourselves in that state of being. In that state of certainty to really know it’s alright, to really know it is my purpose to really know that I can act, put forth that gift.

By expressing that gift there will always be a reflection from those that are seeking what I have to give. It may not come in the form I have expected. But the unexpected is to be expected in our lives from this point forward. Allowing ourselves to be prepared to turn to unexpected ways following the path of least resistance, no matter how it may twist and turn through our lives. For those trips and turns maybe our adventures, our discoveries of more of ourselves. The twist and turns are there for a reason to authenticate ourselves.

As we put it out there… we will always get reinforcement and reflection and support from creation. This is who I say I am, creation will not contradict ourselves ever. Creation is not designed to contradict me. It designed to support me in whatever I say is my truth. If it really is in alignment with my own signature frequency.

In living an extraordinary life I must be authentic

In living an extraordinary life. I must always incorporate the idea of :

  • balance,
  • gratitude,
  • grace
  • and appreciation.

Always take the time, always take a pause and always take a moment to make sure that I am being truly authentic. Ensure that I am not disguising my anxiety as excitement.

The negative beliefs about myself will never be true, it’s a guarantee. I don’t have to be afraid to dive down and explore it. For I am a co-creator, a reflection of All That Is, expressing itself.

Being true to myself, in alignment with myself, and really acting on my passion.

The end.

Thank you for reading, remember to comment if this resonated with you and if you think I should continue to share this type of information.


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Louis Munro

Louis Munro

Louis is the founder of The Fun Accountant. He is a Chartered Accountant and holds two post graduate degrees in Accounting and Business Economics.

Louis qualified in 2003 and works with a selected clients on accounting projects and advisory services.

He specialises in cloud accounting, paperless businesses to reduce administrative tasks and increase efficiency. Louis creates solutions for people and share his experience and knowledge from accounting, entrepreneurship, internet marketing and mindset aspects humans have to deal with on a daily basis.

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