Sage Cloud Accounting Invoicing Review

Sage cloud accounting invoicing review by the fun accountant

Background: Small businesses’ main constraint is access to resources. These limited resources can be funding, suitable people, and appropriate solutions. I want to focus on a specific solution. Big Businesses can just go buy the right solutions or even develop it themselves. We as small business owners have to “wing-it” in a sense and find …

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What are the benefits of cloud accounting?

Cloud Accounting is synonymous with the fourth industrial revolution. Cloud Accounting revolutionised the bookkeeping function for businesses and accountants. 25% of businesses already use cloud solutions. Most recent research data reveals that 60% to 70% of businesses will consider cloud accounting in the next two years. According to Intuit 78% of small businesses will shift …

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The Ideal Business Size

Different vegetables depict size of business

Entrepreneurs get so caught up in their businesses, that they neglect to pay careful attention to the ideal size of their business. The one-size fits all approach is not applicable and favorable to businesses. Very few consider to stop and pay attention to where their businesses is at. 

What is Cloud Based Accounting for Small Businesses?

Cloud Based Accounting for Small Business is one of these wonderful applications that can really advance your small business to the latest and greatest functions available in your industry. It is easy to get started, does not require a team of IT specialist to maintain, simply because the Cloud Accounting Software company does all the maintenance at the back-end. You the user just tap-in and start using all the features.

The importance of rebranding

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Branding is normally the first thing that Entrepreneurs think about when they are starting a new business. With a single brand, an Entrepreneur attempts to convey many characteristics, features and image that will distinguish the business from their competition.

Have You Claimed All Your VAT Inputs?

Have you claimed all your business VAT inputs when you were first registered for VAT?

Did you know you could claim VAT on goods and services you held when you were VAT registered?

Have you ever heard of section 18(4) of the VAT Act?

Here is some advice if you answered NO to any of the above questions!