In this video you can judge for yourself if Dext is the best Bank Statement conversion tool for importing bank statements to accounting software.

I have previously shown you how to convert PDF bank statements to Excel files by utilising Dext Cloud Software. This is helpful for importing bank statements into your accounting system, But these files had to be adjusted and corrected first before you could import them to your accounting system.

Dext has updated the PDF bank conversion feature with new enhancements whereby the paper bank statement export CSV files are ready for direct import to the accounting system I think this new update by Dext will propel the accounting industry into an easier, quicker and more effective solution when you have to process large amounts of bank statements from PDF files.

I have used the Dext Bank Statement conversion feature myself, and I must say my mind is blown away by how Dext has solved this problem and how easy they have made this for us. In this video you can see for yourself how I test the Dext system and apply their solutions on a project that I am working on.

By watching this video you can judge for yourself whether this feature has saved me time and increased my efficiency.


0:00 Introduction.

1:20 The PDF bank statement problem. 

1:40 The Dext value proposition. 

2:20 How to upload a bank statement on Dext for extraction. 

4:04 Where to find the converted bank statement file on Dext. 

4:34 How to export the file in your accounting software’s format.

5:23 Reviewing the export file for correctness during my testing process. 

6:44 Testing in Sage Accounting if the Dext-created-file imports successfully. 

9:04 How to resolve duplicate bank transactions in Sage Accounting. 

9:42 Why I think Dext defeated paper based bank statement processing. 

Read the blog post of this video here: defeat paper bank statements

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Thinking out loud by Alon Peretz

The house with the purple windows by Roie Sphigler

Prelude (Carmen) by Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

Charmolipi by Risian

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