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This video is all about automating you business process of recording business expenses with the Dext emailing system, syncing and sending all of that important information to Sage Accounting, solving the problem of capturing supplier invoices and keeping track of expenses and liabilities in an efficient yet accurate manner.


providing a solution to deal with the magnitude of supplier invoices landing in your email inbox and actually doing something useful with them that excludes printing them and creating unnecessary paper over-work. Let me test and show you how to automate your business’ suppliers.

Do you want to go straight to the information part you need? Have a look at the video’s chapters below:


0:00 Introduction.

0:29 How to solve the problem of capturing supplier invoices.

1:00 The solution to the enormous amount of supplier invoices emailed to you.

1:20 The breakdown of the video.

1:53 A typical supplier invoice received in your email inbox.

2:08 How to find your unique Dext costs email address.

3:48 Forwarding the supplier email to Dext.

4:20 All the supplier invoice data extracted by the Dext system.

6:29 Publishing (syncing) the supplier invoice from Dext to Sage.

7:32 The reveal and testing of the automatic processing by the two systems in Sage Accounting.

7:44 Review the supplier invoice processed.

8:31 The source document is attached to the transaction.

9:10 The details of the supplier invoice being recorded.

9:45 Reviewing the supplier’s ledger account for the transactions processed.

10:26 The double-sided-entry system of accounting explained.

10:43 Reviewing the expense detailed ledger to verify the transaction.

11:46 Finding and checking the Supplier Age Analyses.

13:26 Summarise the automation process of recording and processing supplier invoices.

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Someday by Leva

Heartbeat by Evert Z

A poem for you by Ziggy

Le Coquin by Bob Hart

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