How to link Dext to Sage Accounting

How to link Dext and Sage by The Fun Accountant

In this video I show you how to link your Dext account to your Sage Accounting. It is a simple process and you do not need to be an accountant to do it yourself. Dext captures and stores your data in the cloud and extract the essential data to be integrated with Sage Accounting. Dext […]

Built-in graphs and charts of Sage Accounting

built-in graphs and charts of Sage Accounting by The Fun Accountant

Let’s reveal the built-in graphs and charts of Sage Accounting named financial dashboards. The financial dashboards are graphical presentations of graphs & charts used to assess financial health & performance of a business. The built-in graphs and charts give you an instant overview of our businesses that assist with determining your business’ financial health and […]

An intro to Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Accounting 10 minute overview by The Fun Accountant

Sage Accounting is a comprehensive business solution. A quick overview will never be enough to give you all the information about Sage Accounting. However, if you are in a hurry and want to know what Sage Accounting is all about… this video is perfect for you. To sign up for the sage business cloud accounting […]

How to set up your company in Sage Accounting in under 5 minutes

how to set up a new company in Sage Accounting by The Fun Accountant

One of the most tricky aspects of starting on new business software is to get going and knowing that you are doing the right thing. In this video is show how to set up your company in Sage Accounting in under 5 minutes. These are the basics settings to get you started quickly and efficiently. […]

How to sign-up for Sage Accounting

sign up for sage accounting 30 day free trial by The Fun Accountant

You can sign up for Sage Accounting without providing your credit card details. This makes the 30-day free trial period of trying Sage Cloud Accounting a stress-free uncomplicated experience. In this Sage tutorial, I am going to guide you on how to Sign up for Sage Accounting. This tutorial is intended for people who reside […]

How to add an account in bank transactions with Sage Accounting

add an account in Sage Accounting by The Fun Accountant

If you are using Sage Cloud Accounting and are allocating transactions the chances are that you would have to add a new account category to your list of accounts. It can be a very challenging and time-consuming process to exit your transaction screen and add an account category to your list of accounts.  Sage has […]

Automate your business process with the Sage and Dext supplier emailing system

automate your business process with Sage and Dext supplier emails extraction and recording

This video is all about automating you business process of recording business expenses with the Dext emailing system, syncing and sending all of that important information to Sage Accounting, solving the problem of capturing supplier invoices and keeping track of expenses and liabilities in an efficient yet accurate manner. Also: providing a solution to deal […]