The best cloud document management software

google drive one drive and dropbox

In order to work uninterrupted from anywhere but still collaborate with people was an unattainable reality 10 years ago. Humans evolve and the way humans organize their working lives are changing rapidly. To be competitive and to attract the best human talent, business owners need to consider the best cloud document management software at their …

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Which is the best: Desktop accounting software or Cloud accounting software?

desktop vs cloud its in her hands

For the first time I encountered an argument against cloud accounting software. In the article “The Worst-Kept Secret About Quickbooks Online” by Gene Marks he says that desktop accounting software is better than cloud accounting software. Although the article is fairly old, desktop accounting software is still being used by many businesses. At some stage …

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Quickbooks Online Cloud Accounting Review

quickbooks online

Name: Quickbooks Online (QBO) Website: Price: Simple Start – R229 per month Essentials – R351 per month Plus – R473 per month Owners: Intuit Overall Rank: 4.5/5 Quickbooks Overview Business owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to cloud accounting software. A leading company in the field of cloud accounting software services is …

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Reasons for canceling my Xero accounting subscription

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that is primarily used by small businesses. Xero is popular among many accountants and it is being used in over 180 different countries. I have applied Xero in a business based on the fact that Xero is boasted as easy to use and “the best accounting and invoice generating …

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Mobile data capture software – Receipt bank review

receipt bank review

Name: ReceiptBank Website: Price: Pricing differs depending on the country: South Africa pricing range – R150 pm to R600 pm – Other $30 per month to $290 per month Owners: Privately owned Overall Rank: 4.7 out of 5 Receipt bank overview In life and in business a ton of paperwork is being created. Advanced …

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Business Accounting Software Reviews

user review sage and receiptbank

Hi, my name is Ismail Limalia and I am an Entrepreneur.  When I enquired about Accounting Services from Louis Munro for our Fuel Station, I never imagined that I would do a business accounting software review and be an advocate for Sage Business Cloud Accounting and ReceiptBank within a period of 6 weeks.  Louis, who …

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Netcash money management software review

Netcash review

Small businesses can obtain online access to money management software that was recently only reserved for large corporations. These online solutions have opened a whole new door for cash flow management of small businesses. Netcash is a leader in online money management with its range of services on a single platform that provides money collection …

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Sage Cloud Accounting Invoicing Review

Sage cloud accounting invoicing review by the fun accountant

Background: Small businesses’ main constraint is access to resources. These limited resources can be funding, suitable people, and appropriate solutions. I want to focus on a specific solution. Big Businesses can just go buy the right solutions or even develop it themselves. We as small business owners have to “wing-it” in a sense and find …

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What are the benefits of cloud accounting?

Cloud Accounting is synonymous with the fourth industrial revolution. Cloud Accounting revolutionised the bookkeeping function for businesses and accountants. 25% of businesses already use cloud solutions. Most recent research data reveals that 60% to 70% of businesses will consider cloud accounting in the next two years. According to Intuit 78% of small businesses will shift …

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