real estate loan calculator 


See what your total repayment amount would be on your new home. 

Bond repayment calculator help

Our bond/rental repayment calculator helps you plan and budget. It uses the purchase price of the property and the current interest rate to give your home loan amount and monthly repayment. You can adjust the numbers to find the best scenario for your budget. 

Purchase price

The price of the property you’re buying and will therefore have to repay. 

Bond/Loan amount 

The amount you need to borrow, and repay with interest in order to finance your property purchase.

Interest rate 

This repayment uses the current interest rate, but your actual rate will vary based on factors such as your credit score and the size of your deposit, if you make one. 

Repayment term 

The most common home loan term is 20 years, but you can change the loan term to see how the results will differ.

Total monthly repayment 

The monthly repayment on the loan amount qualify for.

Total amount repayable

The total amount you will be repaying over the entire term of your bond.


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Umoya Cottages: 

Since using Sage for my guesthouse, it has made invoicing and keeping records of all my financial information in one place and makes it easier to keep track of my business’s finances. 

Dext has been a game changer for our company as it makes it easy to keep track of our expenses, the best part about it is that you just need to photos of the slips and its recorded instantly. 

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