Marking Customer Invoices Paid from Split Transactions in Sage

Marking Customer Invoices as Paid from a Split Bank Transaction by The Fun Accountant

A viewer of The Fun Accountant YouTube channel posed an important question that resonates with many small business owners: ‘Is there an easy way to mark an invoice as paid on a split bank transaction in Sage Accounting?’ This challenge, common in the process of managing bank receipts, is one that many encounter. Thankfully, there […]

How to use the Active customer setting

The active customer setting in Sage Business Cloud Accounting by The Fun Accountant

We explore how to use the simple “Active” customer setting in Sage Business Cloud Accounting to transform how you manage your customers. The ACTIVE Customer Setting changes everything about customer management in Sage Accounting Imagine losing track of a valuable customer just because they were incorrectly marked “Not active”. We’re going to prevent that from happening […]

VAT Guide for beginners on Sage in 10 Easy Steps

VAT in 10 steps in Sage Business Cloud Accounting by The Fun Accountant

Embarking on your VAT journey with Sage is now more straightforward than ever. My ‘VAT Guide for beginners on Sage in 10 Easy Steps’ provides an essential resource, specifically designed to simplify the VAT process for Sage Accounting users. Perfect for beginners or as a quick refresher, this guide unravels the complexities of VAT, making […]

The Complete 9-Step Mid-Year EMP501 Guide with Sage Payroll & Easyfile

SARS Mid Year EMP501 submission guide by the Fun Accountant

The Fun Accountant is back with another comprehensive guide, this time aimed at revealing how easy and quick it is to manage EMP501 Mid-Year Submissions to SARS. With Sage Business Cloud Payroll (also popularly known as Sage Payroll) and Easyfile, even those new to the process or those who have faced challenges before can navigate […]

How to Master Trial Balance Imports into Sage Accounting: A Comprehensive Guide.

Hello, dear readers! Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial, designed to guide you seamlessly through the importation of a trial balance into Sage Accounting. Whether you’re a small business owner, an accounting student, or someone just getting their feet wet in the world of finance this comprehensive guide is designed for you to master Trial Balance […]

Tax Identification Number Verification for Employers

In this supplementary blog post, to our video we delve deeper into the process of performing Tax Identification Number (TIN) verification for employees. Understanding and ensuring the accuracy of tax identification numbers is vital for employers, especially during the EMP501 employer reconciliation in South Africa. Let’s explore the importance of accurate tax identification numbers and […]

How to Import a Customer List into Sage Accounting from Pastel

how to import customers from pastel to Sage by the fun accountant.

This article deals with the topic of how to import a customer list into Sage Accounting. Sage Cloud Accounting is rapidly replacing Pastel Desktop Accounting as the popular choice for small businesses owners to efficiently manage their customers’ details in a cloud environment. Importing is the quick and easy shortcut of transitioning a business system […]

Automate your supplier process with the Dext and Sage Accounting systems.

Automate your supplier process with the Dext and Sage Accounting systems from The Fun Accountant

It is a mouthful to describe in short what this blog is all about. Let’s try: You are going to learn how to automate your supplier processing with the Dext and Sage Accounting system. We are going to cover the process of recording your business expenses with the Dext: Email-in addresses It is common for […]